Every Game Live!

The NZIHL are happy to announce every single NZIHL game will be live and free to view online in 2016 through www.nzihl.tv

That’s all 44 games, including the finals and Skate of Origin free to view, as it happens, from anywhere in the world.

Of course, the streaming is only for away games, being at the venue is still the best way to see hockey and the best way to support your team is to buy a season pass. It’s bums on seats which pay for the streaming, so if you become a stay at home couch potato, the streaming will cease.

Check your NZIHL team’s website and facebook pages for information about their season passes and get yours now. Even if you can’t make every home game (no excuses) there is still great value and savings to be had, plus it lets your team know you love them.

24 games will have multiple cameras, while 20 will have a single camera, but every game will be live and free to view as long as the rinks are full of fans.

With the expanded coverage, we will need more volunteers, so if you fancy learning about what happens behind the scenes, being a commentator, working the scoreboard or pointing a camera, contact Slapshot Productions at nzihl@slapshot.co.nz

While you can watch the games on any laptop or mobile device, we recommend setting yourself up with a chromecast and watching the games on your TV.

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