Origin Used For Ice Blacks Selection

Photos: Kate Harrison

The New Zealand Hockey League and Ice Black management have this year collaborated with the intention of delivering the best and most fiercely competed North vs South game ever.

We are seeking the top 40 players in the NZIHL, 20 of the best from each island to battle it out for the Glass Shield and island supremacy on the 3rd of September in Auckland.

The Ice Blacks are also opening their registration of interest for their 2017 campaign for the Division II World Championship games in Auckland.

The North vs South game will also be used to scout and select players for the 2017 Ice Black squad.

Players that are interested in the selection for both the North Island Stingrays, South Island Giant Eagles and Ice Blacks can get more information with their NZIHL Team Managers.


Registration closes Friday 29th of July.

North Island and South Island teams announced Tuesday 2nd of August.

Coaches for the North Island Stingrays vs South Island Giant Eagles

North Island: Andreas Kaiser, Csaba Kercsa-Magos

South Island: Anatoly Khorozov, Adam Blanchette

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