Official Statement from the NZIHL Regarding Suspension

NZIHL admin June 8, 2019  1441

To our fans, players, volunteers and spectators of the NZIHL. The recent events in regards to the game suspension to Thunder player Connor McCallum may have caused some confusion but we can ensure you that the NZIHL is following the NZ Federation Disciplinary and Tribunal process which is outlined on the NZIHF website.

The NZIHL applied an automatic 3-game suspension after the initial call from the Referee in the game as per its event manual and all further disciplinary matters including tribunal, appeal etc. are handled by the NZ Ice Hockey Federation and have nothing to do with the league.

The appointed Disciplinary panel has followed the process accordingly to the rules and regulations agreed by all regions and NZIHL Teams.

We encourage everyone to join our NZIHL meetings to provide constructive solutions to improve our league in all regards.